All articles of Hello Humans are written by Carsten Corneliussen (c) 2020-2021

Hello Humans

The last couple of years I have worked with a small non-profit organisation, MindFuture Foundation, advising on how to provoke a global debate about the use of Artificial Intelligence. That became the series of Hello Humans, written "as-if" an AI-algorithm set out to learn about human behavior on its own. If you click on the picture above you will download my free e-book of all the essays, if you first want to see the context, please see this link Hello Humans: I'm not af chatbot.

The point of wanting to debate AI differently came about being annoyed of the increasingly over-hyped use of "AI" in everything future high-tech. To be blunt, it reminds me of the senseless use of "digital" during the past 25 years marketing hype. I wanted to be provocative and have a chatbot-like character to expose the ignorrance of what AI really entails, so I created an artificial persona named "Art" as a somewhat flippant, humorous and sometimes sarcastic artificial mindset. "Art" then published a series of newsletters contemplating human interaction with AI - or rather with a possible artfificial mindset to come. .

The following pictures are frontpages of each newsletter (#1-25) in chronological order from September 2020 to November 2021. Clicking the images you will download the particular issue, which is about 5-6 pages equal to approximately 2,000 words, and including lots of images and references to further reading. "Art" evolves a more and more conscious mindset with each posting, and eventually concludes that humans are not ready for artificial mindsets before they undertsand what AI really is about.

As I was in fact the author and curator my intention was to make the newsletters into a learning curve, hence the book becomes a compendium. Sort of a textbook, really. Please feel free to share with anyone.