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I have the last couple of years had my focus on AI, in paricular in a context of Artficial Mindsets (AM), as I see this being the real issue of conversational intelligences. The rest is just an extension of digital machines and tools.The future depends on who and how we develop and implement Artficial Intelligence (AI) systems into everyday life. I co-authored a longer essay about artificial mindsets (AM)named: The Artfificials: Humanized AI-technologies is possible, which can be downloaded below. I have throughout September 2020 to November 2021 written a series of shorter postings in English named Hello Humans, in which I simulated to be an artficial persona named "Art".

With a background in telecommunications and computer programming I worked in civil service for the national telephone network for more than twenty years. I pioneered in publishing the first national newsletter (MediaWatch) on the digital convergence of network and media in the mid-nineties. From 2001 - 2014, I has been the leading advisor and spokesperson for the national Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), in their transformation from analogue to digital.  

Although a native Dane, I have worked outside of Denmark as a consultant for many years and simultaneously performed as a contributing editor to multiple international news publications. I have written numerous articles and several books on subjects concerning digital change. And as a licensed psychotherapist, I combine thinking about change with this understanding of technology and advise on how this impacts our social and psychological behaviour.  


The website is in Danish, which is my native tongue. However, there are some pieces written in English. My latetst book "Hello Humans: I'm not a chatbot" (2021) is in English, You are welcome to explore and download this via the link below. My previous books are written in Danish "The future is a mindset" (2019), which offers a personal view on the digital paradigm with a philosophical outlook on how to cope with the next generation of socio-technology. Before that is my book "Digital Dekonstruktion" (2015), which have a summary in English (available in downloads). If you are interested in my wirtings, you can find these in publications and archive and e.g. use Google Translate or other programs to read them.


Hello Humans: I'm not a chatbot" (2021)

The Artificials (2020)

Digital Dekonstruktion (2015)

The Pixi Book on Media Convergence (2007)

In Tune With The Future (2004)

DAB in Nordic (2004)