The website is in Danish, which is my native tongue. However, there is a few pieces written in English. You are welcome to explore and downloads these via the links shown below.

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about strategix & me

This website is dedicated to thinking about change. In particular relating to how digital, genetics, nano and robotic technologies presents itself with new possibilities for changing living and learning on how we organize ourselves in future intelligent "Smart Societies".

Carsten Corneliussen is a Danish business strategist and analyst. A published author and publically noted for his research and writings about digital technology, media, broadcast, network infrastructures and consumer electronics.  

With a background in telecommunications and computer programming and more than twenty years of civil service for the national telephone network, he pioneered in publishing the first national newsletter on the digital convergence of network and media in the mid-nineties. Since 2001, he’s been the leading advisor and spokesperson for the national Danish Broadcasting Corporation, in their transformation from analogue to digital.  

Although a native Dane, Corneliussen has worked outside of Denmark as a consultant for many years and simultaneously performed as a contributing editor to multiple international news publications. He has written numerous articles and several books on subjects concerning digital change. As a licensed psychotherapist, he combines thinking about change with his understanding of technology and advises on how this impacts our social and psychological behaviour.  

His current book "Digital Dekonstruktion" (with an English translation on its way - see and download a brief summary below) offers a personal view on the digital paradigm with a philosophical outlook on how to cope with the next generation of socio-technology.